Helen Rosburg blog How to Integrate Device Fingerprint JavaScript Into Your Website

How to Integrate Device Fingerprint JavaScript Into Your Website

Integrate device fingerprint JavaScript into website to verify users & identify fraudulent activities without requiring them to login or enter passwords. The software is easy to integrate with a few simple lines of code to add a new layer of security and prevent fraud and abuse by malicious bots, fake accounts, and users with ill intent.

The fingerprinting technology works by forcing a visitor’s browser to render a behind-the-scenes image based on the device model and screen resolution, which in turn reveal characteristics like the graphics card, CPU, and the screen resolution. Audio fingerprinting, which uses the Web Audio API to gauge how a device processes sound, can also provide useful information such as a user’s central processing unit (CPU) and digital oscillator.

Integrate Device Fingerprinting JavaScript into Your Website

Browser fingerprints are typically very unique — one visitor on the same device will likely not have the same fingerprint as another, due to the likelihood that different people make granular adjustments to their mobile devices’ settings. However, they do not work in isolation and should be paired with other identifying data to form a holistic profile of a user’s online behavior and risk.

While open-source and commercial solutions for fingerprinting exist, many are unable to provide a robust end-to-end approach for detecting fraud and bad actors. In addition to implementing a robust fingerprinting algorithm, they should incorporate other complementary features such as behavioral analysis, feature aggregation, and risk scoring. This ensures that even if the underlying fingerprinting mechanism is compromised, the system will be able to detect suspicious activity.

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