Helen Rosburg recreation How to Prepare For an African Hunting Trip

How to Prepare For an African Hunting Trip

Whether you hunt spot-and-stalk, sit in a ground blind or mix both, this incredible safari is designed to give every serious bowhunter the chance to stalk and shoot a world-class Cape Buffalo. This safari is led by a dangerous game PH with extensive experience in Africa.Read more: burchellwolfsafaris.com

Safari Chronicles: Documenting Your African Hunting Expedition

A first time African hunter will typically use shooting sticks to steady the rifle and help with the aiming process. These sticks are provided by the Professional hunter and placed on the ground in front of the bowhunter. The Professional hunter will then move over to the side so the bowhunter can shoot without disturbing the animal. These shooting sticks are usually made of steel or titanium and have a mount for a flashlight to assist in the aiming process.

Most Professional hunters have firearms that they will loan or rent to their clients for a small fee. It is recommended that you communicate with your PH to determine which firearms you will bring to Africa. You will also want to ensure that you have the correct ammo for your trip.

The first thing that you will need to do when you arrive at your destination in Africa is clear customs. This will likely take some time and you will need to show your passport and CITES permit.

The sable antelope is one of the most sought after trophy animals in Africa and this 5-star outfitter has put together a great package at a discounted price. This hunt takes place on a wild and undeveloped hunting area in western Limpopo Province. The sable herds are healthy and this is a perfect hunt for the beginner or veteran hunter to enjoy a trophy hunt in Africa at a very affordable rate.

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